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Our Green Statement

Our breakfasts are prepared with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Priority is given to produce and food products that are locally available and as natural as possible. Our jams are homemade using fresh local fruit and. Fair Trade organic coffee and sugar are kitchen staples. Our coffee is custom roasted for us by Planet Bean. Harmony Organic Dairy provides us with our milk and cream.

Our hand-made freshly baked breads, muffins and coffee cakes are made with organic and untreated flours. Diets requiring modifications for allergies or food intolerances can usually be accommodated. We purchase local farm fresh eggs weekly from our local butcher, who also supplies our cheeses, bacon, sausage and meat products. We grow our own herbs and personally support Community Shared Agriculture with two farms (Green Being Farm and Cedar Down Farm) for our summer and winter produce needs.

Wherever possible, cleaning is accomplished with the use of micro-fibre cloths and environmentally-friendly, safe and effective products. Our high quality cleaning products are selected with allergies and sensitivities of both our guests and staff in mind.

Our laundry is washed in a front loading washer, using high quality, environmentally-friendly products, which are hypoallergenic and all natural. Whenever possible sheets are line dried for freshness and environmental responsibility. No fabric softeners (liquid or dryer sheets) are used.

Our linen policy keeps water and electrical conservation in mind. Please feel free to request linen changes as you require. Otherwise our instructions to our staff are to gather all towels placed in laundry hampers daily. Guests may request to reuse their towels or just leave them on the towel bars and that will be respected. During extended stays, sheets will be changed every three days during humid weather and every five days during more temperate conditions.

All rooms are equipped with ceiling fans in order to limit the need to use the air conditioners.

London House is a smoke free home. Should you wish to smoke, there are ashtrays and seating placed for your convenience on the front porch and, if you are a guest in the Master's room, on the balcony. Please dispose of ash and butts in the trays provided.

The City of Guelph has been a leader in environmental waste management for several years. This means separating compost-able waste (e.g., tissues, food scraps, etc.) from recyclable waste (e.g., recyclable packaging, cardboard, newspaper, bottles, cartons, cans, shampoo bottles, etc.) and non-recyclable waste (sanitary pad, diaper products,  disposable razors, styrafoam). Compostable waste should be placed in room and bathroom wastebaskets (green bags) and recyclable waste (cans, cardboard, cartons, glass, newsprint and fine paper) in the large garbage bag (blue bag). Non-recyclable food containers, plastic bags and wrap, clothing, sanitary pads, diaper products, disposable razors, styrofoam, computer discs, pens etc.) should be disposed of in the clear bag.  You will find these waste containers in the third floor guest kitchen, second floor laundry room, or main floor kitchen. Batteries, unfinished medications, nail polish remover, insulin syringes and aerosol cans are considered hazardous waste and should be brought to the main floor kitchen for special disposal. We appreciate your help in sorting waste.

Our aim is to keep our gardens and yards pesticide and herbicide free. Our lawn products and practices are organic and environmentally sensitive. Occasionally if a treatment is necessary, it is done with the product that is the least damaging and only as a specific solution for a specific problem. We compost and use this to enrich our garden soils.

Although the water in Guelph is carefully regulated and very safe, at London House, chlorine filters are placed on our intake system and our tap water is softened using a low-salt highly efficient system that requires no electricity to operate. In addition our drinking water is treated by reverse-osmosis and is replenished frequently for our cooler/refreshment centre.

We partner with Bullfrog Power ( and now utilize wind and low impact water and power for 100% of our hydro needs. We have switched to energy efficient appliances; use power bars, timers, and dimmer switches and where feasible and desirable, use compact fluorescent and low voltage bulbs to reduce our electrical consumption.

Our new Biasi water heating sytem uses a single gas flame to heat our water for both heating and hot water needs of our home and guests. We're delighted to see a 30% reduction in our fuel bill over the 2011-2012 heating season, with more stable temperature control while providing an ample hot water supply.

We are pleased with the efforts we have made in our home, yard and kitchen to ensure environmental conscientiousness, energy efficiency and healthy sustainable food preparation and consumption. We continue to work on ways to conserve our surroundings while providing our customers a superior experience.

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